Lessons learned from the novel “The secret of the Nagas”

Aditi Agrawal
3 min readDec 5, 2020
The Secret of the Nagas

Shiva hi Satya hai…

Satya hi Shiva hai…

The secret of the Nagas is yet another spell-binding fiction mythology novel by Amish Tripathi which is a continuation of the novel The immortals of Meluha. The first book compelled me to quickly jump into the second one to reveal the mystery.

Attention readers!!

This article would not give you any spoilers but would only focus on the cognizance taken from this Novel. I would request the readers to read the novel to understand the context better.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Shiva is the truth. Shiva is beauty

Shiva is the masculine. Shiva is the feminine

Shiva is a Suryavanshi. Shiva is a Chandravanshi

Here is another set of theories/lessons which I drew from this novel

Strategies win where power fails

It is a well-known fact that a powerful individual in terms of wealth and popularity is always a step ahead of others. But when a person is drunk in the champagne of unethical power, he loses his own dignity and strategies step in to crush that bottle of champagne.

There is no secret that time does not reveal

There is always the right time to bring out things that are hidden from your eyes. Believe in the essence of time and keep patience to conquer the truth. Wrong timing and lousy planning can destroy the purpose of your existence. The thing you ought to know will eventually come closer to you.

The purpose is not the destination but the journey itself. Only those who understand the simple truth can experience true happiness

Haste always makes waste. Nothing is more beautiful than the journey to your destination. It may have thorns, it may have petals, it may have a fire or it may have a cold breeze. But the only thing matters is how you conquered your way and reached the finishing line. You may not be the one finishing the racing line first but you might gain all those petals in the way that was meant to be yours.

The opposite of love is not hate. Hate is just love gone bad. The actual opposite of love is apathy. When you don’t care a damn as to what happens to the other person.

Love and hate are the same things with just two different views. The actual opposite of love is when you are not more into it. When you feel no heart for the other person. When all human emotions are washed off for the person then that is what the opposite of love is.

Truth doesn’t have to be liked. It only has to be spoken. Speak it out. The truth may hurt you, but it will set you free.

Truth is never in favor of any person. It is an individual being that brings you closer to reality. It may not satisfy your purpose but it is something which cannot be changed. Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with the lie is the best-suited quote here.

Search for Good. And you shall find Evil as well. The greater the Good, the greater the Evil

Good and evil aren’t two individuals. It is just two faces of a single coin. Thy is good, thy is evil. It is just that we suppress either one to become who we are. It is just how we please ourselves with the help of either one. Only you can take the good out of yourself or the evil out of yourself. The choice is always yours.

I hope this might interest you and especially to those who are still to read the book. This novel would leave you on the hinge to look forward to the third trilogy of Shiva- “The oath of the Vayuputras”

Happy reading…



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