Lessons drawn from the novel “The Immortals of Meluha”

Aditi Agrawal
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The Immortals of Meluha

Shiva hi Satya hai…

Satya hi Shiva hai…

The immortals of Meluha is a beautifully woven fiction mythology novel by Amish Tripathi who believes Myths are nothing but jumbled memories of a true past. A past buried under mounds of earth and ignorance. The entire book revolves around a fictional story that reveals who Shiva is, what life lessons can humans like us get from the trilogy, and how humans could metamorphose his definition of good and evil.

This article would not give you any spoilers but would only focus on the cognizance taken from this Novel. I would request the readers to read the novel to understand the context better.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Shiva is the truth. Shiva is beauty

Shiva is the masculine. Shiva is the feminine

Shiva is a Suryavanshi. Shiva is a Chandravanshi

Next are the 9 theory I drew from the first trilogy of Shiva

Be humble to see your mistakes, courageous to admit and wise enough to correct them

The story gives us an occasion to look into oneself and realize one’s fault and reiterate the past mistake which cannot be undone but could be repaired. The guilt of the past mistake might not leave us but our present deeds might repair the inner soul. As Shiva guilts the thought of not being able to protect the women from the assaults of the fiend alien his generosity and deeds towards all the women repairs his past mistakes.

Changes are the only constant

sticking to the old might not give us the wings to explore the new. Getting out of our comfort zone gives us the liberty to adapt to the beauty of the other side of the world which is still unexplored. Rules & Traditions become obsolete over a while and rehearsing the old ones to bring about a new change makes a society strong. Learn to unlearn and relearn.

United we stand divided we fall

The growth of oneself is directly related to the growth of society. Suffering of an individual who is an integral part of the society will lead to the downfall of the community as a whole. Society stands firm when individuals stand strong. Vengeance might not always bring you power.

Your true power isn’t what the world has given you, but what you bring into the world

Every individual has some or the other hidden power, divine energy which one needs to get acquainted with. Nothing is impossible when one knows himself and everything seems impossible when one is unknown to oneself.

Love and respect go hand in hand

The love between Shiva and Sati is ethereal and profound; as if it is not gravity but the strength of their connection that holds them together. Never afraid, never doubtful, ever accepting, only giving, and goes beyond all odds. You gain love when you learn to respect. Love and respect go hand in hand.

Every coin has two sides

never take a decision or make a judgment without considering all sides of a situation. And never blindly trust only one seemingly good side. Shiva at first sees only the side of the Suryavanshis and thinks the Chandravanshis and the Nagas are the enemies until he realizes that that wasn’t the case. So, unless we know all the perspectives of a situation, we may end up fighting the wrong fight. None is true, none is false, never believe things which you do not associate to. Observing things through your discrete logic can only bring out the truth. Truth is what you believe and not what others make you believe.

Life is a boomerang, what you give is what you get

Each man is answerable to his deed, to his karma. Karma comes with no menu, you get served what you deserve.

Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it

Every individual is equal in the eyes of good. A just and independent society believes in equal rights for its citizens. The future of a person cannot be decided by the root from which he comes but purely by his deeds.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, shows the way

To be a leader is not just to gain a superior position but the one who takes responsibility on his shoulder. He is not the one who sees his team member working from off the site but the one who plows the field together.

I hope this might interest you and especially to those who are still to read the book. This novel would leave you on the hinge to look forward to the second trilogy of Shiva- “The secret of Nagas”

Happy reading…



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